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Telehealth counseling is available in the states of Idaho and South Carolina.  I provide marriage counseling and individual counseling for teens and adults.  

Why Telehealth?

Everybody has their reasons.

Sometimes life is busy and coming for in person sessions may not be feasible, but help is still needed.  Other times, people live in rural or isolated areas without much access to therapeutic care. For others, there may be access to care, but not the type of provider you are looking for.  Whatever your reason, telehealth can be a great option for finding counseling when, where, and with whom works for you.   


If you live in the state of South Carolina or Idaho, I can provide counseling services to you from the comfort of your home.  Call or email for more information or to schedule a 15 minute consultation.  For South Carolina residents, you may review my credentials on the state registry at

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