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BA Theology

MS Mental Health Counseling

Licensed Professional Counselor LPC

Asking someone to join you on your journey can have a huge impact on your life.  I believe that finding the right sojourner is important.  I want to share some of my journey with you so you can have a better understanding of who I am, how I work, and why providing counseling is important to me.

Early experiences...

I grew up on 20 acres in Mississippi loving nature and my family. When I was 16, my dad died of cancer.  Somehow, my family moved forward, but life wasn't as carefree as it had been before.  Tragically, only a few years after my mom remarried, her new husband died in an electrical accident.  Once again my family had to pick up the pieces and figure out how to go on.  

Compassion Building....


Although experiencing these challenges has been difficult and I certainly don't wish these experiences on others, they have developed within me a deep compassion for other people's journeys.  This compassion has increased as I have continued living in my adult years as a mother and pastor's wife.  Before beginning my counseling career, for 16 years I worked part-time in various capacities, including as a high school teacher, an associate pastor, and a children's ministries director.  In these positions, I walked with people through all sorts of life stages and challenges, including those having children, losing children, getting married or divorced, and those struggling with anxiety and depression or grief and loss. 

Why Counseling?

My desire to become a counselor began early on in my work in the church and school settings.  I often felt like my skills weren't adequate for the needs of those I was working with.  I cared about those around me and wanted to be able to help better.  This desire strengthened a few years ago.  I decided I needed to seek my own counseling services for some personal and family challenges I was going through, including some marriage and parenting challenges as well as my own bout of anxiety and depression. The help I experienced from my own counseling had a huge impact on my life.  My experience of searching for a counselor, finding one, and then benefiting from it clarified my desire to become a counselor and be able to provide good help.  

Dream Fulfilled, Dream Beginning....

I completed Capella University's Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree in June of 2022.  Being able to sit with others during their challenging times and help them through to a place of thriving has been my dream.  In my internship, I began to see those dreams fulfilled.  I saw people's marriages and relationships improve and depression lift.  I saw anxiety calm down and grief pains lessen.  Although I don't wish challenges on anyone, I feel it an honor to walk with people through their difficult times and a joy to see healing and renewal.  

My Approaches....

I utilize an eclectic mix of approaches and theories to find a treatment regimen that is individualized and that works.  I believe the best treatment comes out of a safe, solid therapeutic relationship.  Some theories I integrate are Adlerian, person-centered, CBT, family systems, reality therapy, bibliotherapy, and existential therapy.  For marriage counseling, I use Gottman principles as I have completed level 2 training.  I am also comfortable approaching counseling from a Christian perspective and addressing spiritual issues that may arise.  

In My Free Time.....

When I am not in the counseling office, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two teenage children, mountain biking, snowboarding, playing pickleball, and confronting my own fears.   

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